Abdul Rehman Yousaf

Machine Learning Engineer & Python Developer


What I am all about.

I am a Machine Learning Engineer with deep product development experience. I live for the challenge of creating new and wonderful products. I have deep experience across traditional departmental boundaries, and I am equally comfortable evangelizing products to customers, summarizing development status to top management, or explaining the business case for a feature to engineers. I bring the above to every position, but my true passion is leveraging the power of machine learning to build better solutions for real world problems.

Python 96%
Django 93%
Docker 90%
Google Cloud Platform 90%
Github 95%
Scikit-Learn 90%
Amazon Web Services 84%
javascript, Nodejs, Angular, React 85%
MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL 90%


Professional work experience

Machine Learning Engineer

Build and Trained various Intelligent and Powerful ML models at Nexthon.

Premium Instructor

Teaching web development to thousands of students around the globe at Udemy.

Cloud Solution Architect

Work as Cloud Solution Architect at Haxthon Software Solutions.

IT Manager

IT manager at Instant Web Inc.


I build the real value.

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Track your Feelings!

Instew lets you track your feelings on different occasions and times.It can helps you to make a little bit more control over your feelings and thoughts.With the help of Instew, you can care yourself in more appropriate way in the context of your emotions and feelings.For example on a specific oscasion you shouldn't be angry but you do unconciously, it will helps you track this feelings and think about it later.

Project Leader: Abdul Rehman

Founder: Abdul Rehman

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Radiant Solar Advisor


Radiant Solar Advisors objectives are to educate and obtain proposals for home/business owners on solar specific equipment. Solar equipment ranging from solar PV, solar domestic hot water heating, and solar pool heating systems (along side additional services and products). On our first visit to the home an advisor collects information from the home/business such as: electric usage, how many people reside there, and existing equipment being used at the house/business. With this information we create proposals from various reputable contractors in your area.

Owner:Radiant Solar Advisors Inc.

Developer: Abdul Rehman

Link: Visit the site

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Holly Smee


Welcome! I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and EMDRIA Certified Therapist in Castlegar, BC, offering counselling and psychotherapeutic services for EMDR and trauma, stress management and wellness, LGBTQ support, mental health, grief, relationship violence, and more. I work with children (with pre-screening), adolescents, and adults.

Project Owner: Holly Smee

Developed By: Abdul Rehman

Link: Visit the site

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An APP attempting to hack education.

QWiz.Me! is an app attempting to hack education. We all know that practice makes perfect. But as a parent; downloading, printing and correcting worksheets is frustrating & time consuming. With technology, this should be more convinient.

Project Owner: Qwiz.me

Developed By: Abdul Rehman

Link: Visit the site

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Browse To Learn

A Modern Learning Management System

An open place to learn latest technologies free of cost.We are providing learning meterials in different forms like Video tutorials,Articles and Books.

Project Owner: Abdul Rehman

Designer:Abdul Rehman

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Electric Hubs

Mining of Best Electronic Deals from Amazon

Electric hubs provides you best electronic deals from amazon beased on your search, location and interest.

Project Leader: Abdul Rehman

Developed By: Abdul Rehman